Choquequirao Difficulty

12 de May de 2023

Going on an adventure to Choquequirao is a challenge that you can not miss, first of all you have to take into account the following information that deals with the level of difficulty of the expedition, in addition to having good physical condition and the importance of having a day of acclimatization in Cusco.   

It is advisable not to travel with children under 7 years old or with adults under 50 years old because of the complexity of the hike, the steep routes, the time it takes to complete it, the level of physical demand and the resistance that a minor or older person may not be able to count on. For children, it is suggested to take them from the age of 8, as long as the use of a horse is taken into account for any complications that may arise;

Maximum and Minimum Altitude to visit Choquequirao

The maximum altitude that the visitor will find within the tour is 3 033 meters in Choquequirao and the minimum is 1 475 meters in Playa Rosalinas.

Difficulty Level

The trekking to Choquequirao is one of the few adventures with a higher level of difficulty in Cusco because the entire journey is done on foot, not only for experience, but also because there is no direct road with transportation to the archaeological center and the entire stretch takes approximately 4 days with a good physical condition.

Contact an Illapa travel consultant

Now that you are ready to travel or want to ask any questions to answer your doubts and learn more about what the Choquequirao Tour has to offer. You can contact Illapa at +51 944 714 563 or also by email at [email protected].

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