Explore, Discover, Enjoy: World Tourism Day

15 de December de 2023

Every time someone decides to explore a new destination, we are creating cultural and human bridges that transcend borders and barriers. It is a powerful force that can transform communities, boost economies and, most importantly, connect people. That is why today 27 September has been declared World Tourism Day.

In an increasingly globalised world, tourism has become an engine of economic growth and sustainable development for many regions, driving job creation, promoting the preservation of cultural and natural heritage, and fostering the transformation of all stakeholders; however, with this great opportunity also comes great responsibility.

Tourism can influence the quality of life of local residents, a locality, a country, by providing access to recreational and cultural activities, as well as by improving public services and infrastructure. It is therefore essential to promote responsible and sustainable tourism that takes these aspects into account and seeks a balance between the benefits and costs of tourism in a community.

From the travel agency Illapa Culturas Andinas Illapa Culturas Andinas we wish you Happy World Tourism Day, let's continue working on sustainable tourism.

dia del turismo mundial - Explora, Descubre, Disfruta: Día Mundial del Turismo
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