Illapa Culturas developed a plan in conjunction with the Patronato de Cultura Machupicchu and the Andean communities, and consists of hosting tourists in their homes in order to share the traditions and culture of each of them and the main purpose is that the villagers are directly benefited.

Since 2004, Illapa Culturas Andinas Travel Agency has been developing a plan with the Patronato de Cultura Machupicchu and the Andean communities, which consists in welcoming tourists in their homes and families, in the villages located in the heights of the Sacred Valley of the Incas and in the villages on the shores of Lake Titicaca. In order to be able to offer a simple but quality service today, we had to make a serious commitment with the villagers and together they knew how to weave a trust that allows today to develop a type of tourism rooted in the cultural and natural values of these regions. At the same time, the Andean inhabitants will be able to constantly improve their living conditions, thanks to the benefits provided by tourism. I would also like to get in contact with other NGOs able to send volunteers to help in the renovation of other houses and the viability of other projects of this type or to help in their daily activities such as agriculture and education of young people. In the same way it would be interesting to be able to have resources in micro-credit organizations for the commitment of construction materials.


The Patronato de Cultura Machupicchu wishes today to be able to direct specific circuits with a vision towards rural community tourism, adapted to all types of people and economies, individually or in groups of people, through the path of volunteering. This responds to the needs formulated by the communities that would like the season to be full and for tourists to stay a little longer in order to exchange more. Therefore, we can expect the interest of many volunteers in the communities and the growth of demand. This will certainly allow the communities to improve their quality of life through this complementary activity. For in no case is it a question of putting an end to the traditional activities carried out by the communities, which constitute a large part of their identity (agriculture, pastoralism, crafts and the customs of the inhabitants).


For the last four years, these lodgings have been receiving tourists who come on alternative trekking circuits. Tierras is committed to community-based tourism and wishes to develop its own specific circuits in the field of rural tourism. NGOs were present in the villages of Chinchero, Huchuyqosqo and Patabamba (for the construction of toilets). At the national level, MINCETUR (Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism) encourages this new trend of tourism in Peru, through the implementation of a strategic plan, methodologies, promotion, organization of events and the association of those involved in the tourism sector.


Lack of means for the purchase of construction materials. The need for constant training of host families in some fields. Lack of information to the tourists about the necessary services, complaints have been received, especially about the lack of hot water, which is uncomfortable for them.


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