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Bebidas Típicas del Perú

Typical Beverages of Peru

24 de April de 2024
Peru is a country rich in gastronomy, known worldwide for its quality and diversity. Thanks to its products, it is possible to prepare unique and…
Pisco Peruano

History of Peruvian Pisco

15 de April de 2024
Peruvian Pisco is much more than just a simple drink; it is a cultural icon that dates back centuries of history and tradition, originating from…

Typical dances of the Peruvian highlands

15 de April de 2024
The typical dances of the Peruvian highlands are a rich and diverse cultural manifestation that reflects the history, traditions and worldview of the Andean communities.…

Scissors dance

13 de April de 2024
The Danza de las Tijeras is a rich and complex cultural expression, native to the departments of Ayacucho, Huancavelica, Apurímac and northern Arequipa in Peru,…

Most important Inca gods in history

11 de April de 2024
The Inca gods constitute a fundamental part of the worldview of the Inca empire, a civilization that flourished in the Peruvian Andes. These gods were…

Typical dances of the Peruvian jungle

10 de April de 2024
The typical dances of the Peruvian jungle are a vibrant and colorful cultural manifestation that reflects the rich ethnic and natural diversity of this region…

Inca Empire - History of the 14 Incas

5 de April de 2024
The Inca Empire, also known as Tahuantinsuyo, which means "the four regions or the four suyus," was the last and the greatest pre-Columbian empire in…

Typical Dances of the Peruvian Coast

19 de March de 2024
The typical dances of the Peruvian coast reflect the country's cultural richness and ethnic diversity. These dances are a living manifestation of the history, traditions,…

Illapa Andean Cultures joins the initiative to plant one million trees in Machu Picchu

21 de February de 2024
For us, it was an excellent start to the year, an initiative led by the National Service of Natural Protected Areas by the State (Sernanp)…

Ceviche enshrined as Intangible Cultural Heritage, an achievement for culinary heritage

15 de December de 2023
Peru is celebrating a transcendental achievement for its cuisine: the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) has officially recognised the Peruvian ceviche as…

Great Green Business Crusade: Tourist agencies will carry out a day of tree planting in the province of Urubamba

15 de December de 2023
The companies Illapa Culturas Andinas, Tierra de los Andes and Illapa Transportes Turísticos, in coordination with the Provincial Municipality of Urubamba, will be planting trees…

Explore, Discover, Enjoy: World Tourism Day

15 de December de 2023
Every time someone decides to explore a new destination, we are creating cultural and human bridges that transcend borders and barriers. It is a powerful…
Fondo Camino Inca WEB

Places along the Inca Trail

22 de May de 2023
The famous route of the Inca Trail, which is done on foot for four days, will allow you to know the actual route that the…
Corpus Cusco 2018 389 2 scaled

Pilgrimage to the Lord of Qoyllur Rit'i

22 de May de 2023
The Lord of Qoyllur Rit'i, a syncretism of Andean and colonial religion, is a living example of the faith of hundreds of devotees who every…
plato de chiriuchu

Chiri Uchu The Immortal Cusco Typical Dish

20 de May de 2023
If you plan to visit the Imperial City of Cusco you should know that the Chiri Uchu is its most famous dish for encompassing the…

Ceviche, Peruvian Main Dish

20 de May de 2023
Ceviche is the flagship dish originating from Peru, considered the main food within the country and transcendent throughout Latin America, by countries such as Mexico,…
Corpus Cusco 2018 389 1 scaled

Corpus Christi in Cusco: catholic and indigenous

20 de May de 2023
June is the best time for cultural tourism in Cusco. This month brings many celebrations, but the Corpus Christi is perhaps the most special of…
Arequipa 20  20Ciudad 203

20 Places to visit in Arequipa

20 de May de 2023
Also known as the White City, Arequipa has the most incredible architectural monuments made in Sillar, has a varied gastronomy, has active and inactive volcanoes,…
Diferencia entre machu picchu y huana Picchu

The difference between Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu

19 de May de 2023
The Historical Sanctuary of Machu Picchu is located at 2430 meters above sea level in the middle of a mountain range and is surrounded by…
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