Chiri Uchu The Immortal Cusco Typical Dish

20 de May de 2023

If you plan to visit the Imperial City of Cusco you should know that the Chiri Uchu is its most famous dish for encompassing the most extravagant flavors you can consume in the world.

What is Chiri Uchu?

It is a culinary charm whose name comes from the Quechua words "Chiri" which means cold and "Uchu" spicy, that is, it is a spicy and cold dish;

History of the origin of Chiri Uchu Cusqueño

The most curious thing about this traditional food is the fusion of ingredients from the Coast, Highlands and Jungle of Peru, therefore, its origin has a historical basis within the Inca empire because at that time there was the work system "Ayni" that comprises the reciprocity of exchange, in this context; for the preparation of the dish the barter inputs between regions were used to finally form a dish that fully represents the Tawantinsuyo.

According to another historian, he adds that the Incas worked the Andean duality in their foods, making it clear that those coming from the earth were related to the masculine and those coming from the surface to the feminine.

Chiri Uchu Cusquenian

Recognized as the gastronomic emblem of Cusco, it is a dish that is served cold and consists of guinea pig, chicken, seaweed, canchita, tortilla, among other peculiar ingredients that combine several flavors.


Chiri Uchu.

  • Cuy
  • Hen
  • Chorizo
  • Chalona
  • Egg cup of fish
  • Cheese
  • Corn (Canquita serrana)
  • Rocoto
  • Seaweed (Cochayuyo)

Tortilla .

  • Corn flour
  • Pumpkin
  • Eggs
  • Cebolla china
  • Salt and pepper to taste

How to prepare Chiri Uchu step by step

  1. The day before, the guinea pig is prepared for the oven, the charqui and the hen are boiled.
  2. The same day we cook the corn tortilla, for this we parboil the pumpkin, then in another container we mix it with flour and eggs. Then add the chopped Chinese onion with salt and pepper to taste to fry on both sides.
  3. Then we fry the egg, toast the canchita serrana, cut the cheese in medium slices and the rocoto in thin strips.
  4. Finally, serve carefully and check if all the ingredients are in the dish.

Tips for the preparation and consumption of chiri uchu

When preparing it is important to measure the salt and seasoning so that it is not tasteless or too salty. It is recommended not to use too much oil so that the tortilla does not turn out greasy and is pleasant.

To consume the Chiri Uchu you have to know how to mix the order of the products and thus enjoy the flavor well, it is suggested to place a piece of seaweed, followed by torreja, cheese, guinea pig, chicken, chalona and various meats with chorizo adding the canchita to finally chew and get the exquisite taste on the palate.

When is Churi Uchu eaten?

Being a food quoted for its unique flavor, it is consumed at any time of the year, but the central date where in every part of the Historical Capital of Peru it is consumed and sold in extensive fairs in the most important squares is on Corpus Christi (a festival that brings together the faithful of saints and patrons).

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