Raqchi Archaeological Centre

14 de December de 2023

The Raqchi Archaeological Centre is an important temple of the Inca society. Where the supreme god Wiracocha was worshipped.

Do you want to know what else Raqchi holds? We tell you all about what this ancestral site holds.

Where is the Raqchi Archaeological Park located?

It is located in the community of Raqui, district of San Pedro, province of Canchis in the region of Cusco. You can reach the desired destination by land on the road from Cusco to Puno.

What does Raqchi mean?

Raqchi is a temple built for the god Wiracocha. It is a sacred site that played a valuable role in Inca times.

The architectural peculiarity it retains is one of the most impressive and the religious ceremonial function enhances it even more.

What to see and do in Raqchi?

The Raqchi Archaeological Centre has the following attractions:

  • Major Inca Temple.

Recent excavations have revealed the foundations of the building, which still has one of its 11 columns standing.

  • Temple of Wiracocha

It is a monumental temple considered the largest of the Incas. It is made up of 20 metres high walls made of stone and adobe.

The design of the Temple of Wiracocha is very striking because of the windows and doors that can be seen.

  • Colcas.

The Colcas, or storehouses, were food deposits for the dry season. The Incas are known for building spaces to store maize, potatoes, chuño (dehydrated potato), quinoa and other crops.

Within Raqchi there are about 156 Colcas which can be easily recognised by their cylindrical shape. This is remarkable because of the reconstruction works that were carried out at this site.

  • Aqueducts.

These constructions are also known as "Baños del Inca". They are water fountains that are finely carved.

Construcciones en Raqchi
Colca de raqchi Foto: Zilch^^/ www.flickr.com
Colca de raqchi Photo: Zilch^^/ www.flickr.com

History of Raqchi

According to several studies, Raqchi is part of the Inca constructions. There are settlements and temples dedicated to the god Wiracocha.

Raqchi may have been built during the rule of Huiracocha, Pachacútec and Tupac Yupanqui in the 15th century.

Another piece of information is the excavations of the site where ceramic remains were found that were part of pre-Inca cultures. So, it can be deduced that Raqchi was part of cultures prior to the Inca civilisation, but they modified their designs and continued to consider the site as a sacred place.

Admission and days of entry

To visit this archaeological complex you should bear in mind that the entrance hours are from Monday to Sunday from 7:00 to 17:30 in the afternoon.

In the case of admission, it is necessary to purchase a ticket for 15.00 soles. You can buy it at the entrance of the site.

Recommendations for visiting Raqchi

  • Wear sunscreen to protect your skin.
  • If you go in the rainy season, you should bring waterproof clothing.
  • Hats that can cover the head.
  • Travel with a reliable travel agency.
  • Have a camera to capture your best moments.
  • Additional money should always be available when travelling.

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