¿Qué llevar a Choquequirao? alista tu viaje

11 de May de 2023

In this post we give you the best information and recommendations you need to bring the most useful materials for your visit to the Inca citadel, hidden in the mountains.

Prepare your travel backpack for the Choquequirao trek

What should the trekking backpack contain? It is one of the most frequently asked questions of anyone who wants to explore Choquequirao, here we present the complete luggage.


It must have the right size to your body, not too small or too big. In addition, it must have a frame that ventilates the back, a lumbar belt that lightens the weight and shoulder pads that balance the load;

The distribution of materials and equipment is something that we can also do in the best way, in the base part put the larger items such as clothes, in the middle area put the food, in the front part put the materials that we will use continuously and in the pockets the smaller items.


When you enter the Route to Choquequirao it is important to wear light clothing during the day because of the mild climate of the place, also a coat for the night and early morning.

Trekking Shoes

The footwear to be used must be exclusively for mountain trekking or wear non-slip resistance shoes.

Energy bars - Snacks

Although we will have the important foods of the day such as breakfast, lunch and dinner according to the itinerary package of Illapa.com, it is advisable to bring some snacks, chocolates and candies to serve as a source of energy along the way.

Hat or Caps

The heat will be all the way, much more so during the dry season, so we need to protect ourselves from ultraviolet rays, cold and wind.


Even if you have something to protect you from the sun's rays, it is not enough because the sunscreen will cover your entire face and any part of your body that is exposed to the environment.


Wearing sunglasses will protect your vision from wind and sun.

trekking pole

It is very good to have trekking poles to rest your body. In Illapa.com we give you this necessary equipment for the visit to Choquequirao (included in the package).


You will not always have the opportunity to make the route to Choquequirao, there are special moments such as landscapes, vegetation, animals and your own person as the protagonist, which undoubtedly will be the best memories that you will take recorded in your camera.

Extra batteries

On the excursion you must take into account that in many areas there will be no electricity because you will be in the middle of a natural valley, so bringing extra batteries or a solar charger will save you from any emergency.


At dusk you will need a flashlight to better visualize the road;

Accessories to bring to the Choquequirao Trek

Personal hygiene accessories distributed in small quantities for the days of the trek, disinfectant gel, shampoo, comb, soap, toilet paper or wet wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste and other essential items should not be missing.

Equipment needed to travel to Choquequirao

According to the road to Choquequirao, you have to carry the perfect equipment that has the trekking backpack (with the objects  already mentioned), trekking poles, gloves to protect your hands, sleeping bag, a small first aid kit and in case of having the tour of Illapa.com it will not be necessary to carry tents because the agency will provide campsites or houses to spend the night.

Also, you may be interested in what to take to Choquequirao?

Why book this tour with Illapa Culturas Andinas?

Illapa Culturas Andinas will take care of planning and organizing your time in the most appropriate way within the tour to the Archaeological Complex of Choquequirao, you will have the best team in tourist services because we are formed with the necessary experience and quality in professional excellence

The tourist who takes our services, leaves aside many concerns such as insecurity during the trip, the place to sleep or food, because we offer the most complete packages that will facilitate the excursion to live the best experience.

How to book this tour?

The magnificent Inca Citadel of Choquequirao awaits you, to consult and  book the tour you can call or write to the Whatsapp of +51 944 714 563 and also contact us via email at [email protected].

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