Sectors of Choquequirao

15 de May de 2023

The sectors of Choquequirao are characterized by having great construction techniques, such as the use of the same stones of the place to raise all its buildings.

Remember that only 30% of the archaeological center has been discovered, however, it is a large citadel with several sectors that played very important roles within the Inca Empire. It is a site with a suitable architecture for agricultural rituals.

This space served as a point of strategic operations due to its proximity to the Apurímac region and to expand the entrance to the Peruvian Amazon, as well as an area of social, political, military and religious control.

Sektor I: Plaza principal superior, edificios y fuentes anexas

The main Hanan Square, which is located in the upper part, comprises all the buildings that are built around it next to a water conduit that runs through the stone fountains.

Sector II: Stores and warehouses (Qolqas) and "Escaleras gigantes" (giant stairways)

It is part of the upper zone, in Choquequirao these have internal subdivisions.

The main purpose of the Qolqas was to serve as warehouses and storehouses to reserve food in case of a bad harvest or food emergency. Another attraction nearby are the giant staircases that amaze with their figure.

Sector III: Main plaza (Haucaypata) and outbuildings

It is the main core of the entire Choquequirao Archaeological Complex.

The key Inca meeting point for political meetings, it is composed of one- and two-level enclosures, courtyards and water channels.

Sector IV: Temple of the triumphal wall and sacred corrals.

It was the Inca cemetery, a sector where 17 funerary bundles and a canal called "The house of the waterfall"were found.

Sector V: Ushnu Ceremonial

It is located on a hill, it is an oval platform of ceremonial use that is surrounded by a small wall. From this place you can see the main square, the snow-capped mountains and the Apurimac River.

Sector VI: Temple of the priests.

Called named as the Wasi Canchatemple and dwelling of priestsit is south of the Ushnu.

In this space you will appreciate four platforms that have stairs for access, is composed of five retaining walls, are constructions that impress at first sight.

Sector VII: Monumental platforms or sacred platforms.

Choquequirao has the peculiarity of having a large number of terraces in terraces for planting, among the most prominent are:

Paraqtepata cultivation terraces made up of 18 terraces with irrigation canals next to the stairs.

PhaqchPhaqchayoq is made up of numerous and extensive platforms, located on the hillside.

CH - Sectores de Choquequirao,

Sector VIII: Andenes de las Llamas del Sol (Sun Flames Platforms)

In these sectors the Incas decided to decorate the platforms with a unique detail of mosaics in the form of flames and to make them stand out so well they used quartz stone only for these figures.

To understand why this addition, according to several studies in the Inca cosmovision, these camelids called the Sun Flames, were very important animals within the Inca society because they served as a means of transportation and considered as a sacred source of wool and meat.

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Andenes de las Llamas del Sol
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