Choquequirao the next wonder of the world

12 de May de 2023

The Choquequirao Archaeological Complex is little known and visited because the Incas built their structures in a place completely hidden to the outside society, for that same fact there are no records that ensure the arrival of the Spaniards to this part of Cusco.

In October 2022, the National Geographic organization qualifies Choquequirao as one of the best tourist destinations to visit in the world during 2023. For having all the most important characteristics that represent culture, adventure, nature, family and local communities.

Reasons for Choquequirao to be named the Next Wonder

  • Choquequirao is a citadel that is constituted by a majestic construction that is only 30% discovered. At present, it is expected to know the remaining part to have a better view of the magnitude of its greatness within the Inca Empire.
  • The route from the archaeological site to Choquequirao is one of the best that the Cusco region has to offer, because the entire journey will captivate you with its landscapes of valleys, rivers and snow-capped mountains.
  • It has abundant vegetation, in this site there is a variety of orchids that adorn the paths among the branches.
  • The fauna includes the Andean bear, fox, toucan, condor and other birds.
  • The rock art of the sun llamas, which are impregnated in the terraces of Choquequirao are unique in the Inca culture and that no other archaeological site has. It is a detail that boasts the ancestral animals of the Tahuantinsuyo empire.
  • It is a tourist destination that every day takes more relevance among the other historical attractions of Peru, is full of mysteries and is in a space that reserves the spiritual naturalness that welcomes you with a warm feeling indescribable in words.

Choquequirao Inca technological advance

The works that we can estimate in Choquequirao are the inheritance that the Incas have left as evidence about the management that they had in technological knowledge, they have developed the talent in the sciences of civil engineering, hydraulics and agronomy.

In the architectural part, the Incas used special techniques to build large walls with stone blocks that fit perfectly, where not even a pin could pass, resulting in symmetrical works with extraordinary monuments.

The hydraulic system of Choquequirao has aqueducts that have a good method of irrigation, with canals that produce the best distribution of water through all sectors and in the part of the terraces highlights the best work for the contribution they gave to agriculture.

Differences between Choquequirao and Machu Picchu

Choquequirao is known as "The sacred sister of Machu Picchu", for having similarities in architecture, but also have differences that make them very special.

Machu Picchu, being listed as one of the seven wonders of the world, is one of the most visited and therefore the purchase of entrance tickets to this sanctuary are booked at least one month in advance.

Choquequirao is much larger than Machu Picchu and its construction was carried out using the same stones from the area.

Access to the Choquequirao complex is difficult because it can only be done by long walks on foot, since there is no means of transportation that takes you directly to the site, unlike the world wonder.

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