How to get to Choquequirao from Abancay

12 de May de 2023

The sacred sister of Machu Picchu, Choquequirao, is one of the most amazing tourist destinations in Peru for its impressive constructions and the natural charm of the surrounding landscapes.

Not all roads to this archaeological complex start in Cusco, the route that begins in Abancay can also be a very good choice for tourists who are closer to this region and in this way you could get optimally to the Inca citadel.

ttd - Como llegar a Choquequirao desde Abancay,
Abancay Main Square - Photo: @apurimacenlinea

Trekking to Choquequirao from Abancay

To get involved in this trek, you have to know that there is no transportation that will take you directly to Choquequirao.

The adventure starts in the city of Abancay, from there you take a vehicle that takes you to Cachora, in the place begins the walk a little more than two hours to the viewpoint of Capuliyoc, arrived at the area you take a break, go down to Chiquisca for lunch and follow the long road downhill towards Playa Rosalina (camp for the night).

Early in the morning, you resume the route, uphill through Santa Rosa and arrive at Marampata to take a break and eat. According to the time you have you can choose to visit that same afternoon a little of the Choquequirao Archaeological Complex or wait another day and have all the time available to appreciate all its tourist attractions, then have dinner and spend the night at the Marampata camp.

The next morning, you wake up next to the fabulous sunrise that offers you the view of Choquequirao, have a good breakfast to have enough energy and resume the way back through the Playa Rosalina pass, where you can have lunch, continue the route uphill until you reach the Chiquisca camp for dinner and spend the night.

After breakfast, on your last day of trekking you will pass through the vegetation that your feet will miss, you will arrive at the viewpoint of Capuliyoc, take a break and follow the road towards San Pedro de Cachora to take a vehicle that will take you to Abancay, the destination with which you will conclude this adventure.

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