Choquequirao Trekking is like this

11 de May de 2023

Are you planning to live the best adventure while visiting Choquequirao?

Illapa presents the trekking route to this Inca citadel, with the best data to have a compilation of information on what and how we should mobilize in order to have the most pleasant experience during and after the tour.

How far is it to Choquequirao?

To reach the archeological center of Choquequirao, it is necessary to consider the estimated distance of 32 kilometers one way and another 32 kilometers on the return trip, totaling 64 km.

In four days the entire visit is done, these days will be to maintain a good physical condition to complete the route, in addition to having the desire to know the mountains and different roads with breathtaking scenery viewpoints that will be company in the adventure.

At what altitude is Choquequirao located?

At 3,033 meters of altitude, therefore, acclimatization is necessary to not suffer from dizziness or difficulties that prevent the trek, it is suggested to spend a day in the city of Cusco for after a rest, hydrated and consuming not so fatty food to leave the imperial city with a positive reaction of the body, so that when you reach the first stop and you can consume food from the place normally and you are with all the energy to make the trek.  

Description of the Choquequirao trekking route

Illapa presents the complete route divided into four days of excursion to the fortress of Choquequirao, to live with nature, camping in unique landscapes, also choose to enjoy traditional food and take a wonderful souvenir of the trek.  

Day 1: Cusco - Cachora - Chiquisca

The trip will start early from Cusco to Cachora, in this place we will take a break and start with the trekking to reach the Capuliyoc viewpoint (lunch), where during the way we will observe the vegetation, landscapes, the snowy Perayoc and the view of the Apurimac Canyon, we will continue downhill to Chiquisca (dinner and night in the camp).

Day 2: Chiquisca - Marampata - Choquequirao

Early in Chiquisca (breakfast) we will begin the descent to Playa Rosalinas which is at an altitude of 1 500 meters and from this point we will have the real challenge with zigzagging roads of 5 hours uphill to reach the community of Marampata, we have to have good physical endurance and already on site we will have the first general images of the citadel of Choquequirao (rest and lunch).

This is our central day, because after relaxing we will leave our belongings at the Marampata camp and take the necessary, without forgetting our cameras or cell phones to record our main attraction of this trek, we head to the archaeological center of Choquequirao to enjoy everything it offers from the temperate climate; its sectors with architecture similar to Machu Pichu, temples, warehouses, houses and its system of terraces with unique details in the world.

In the afternoon we return to Marampata camp for dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Marampata - Rosalinas Beach - Chiquisca

We wake up early to see the sunrise over the buildings of Choquequirao, after breakfast we start the return journey by which we arrive, passing through Playa Rosalinas at 1 500 m.a.s.l., for lunch. Then, we continue our expedition with the presence of views of the canyons, flora and fauna of the area to climb to our Chiquisca camp where we will have dinner and rest.

Día 4: Chiquisca - Capuliyoc - Cachora - Cusco.

The last day of trekking we get up early, to capture the best views of the landscape around us and avoid the excessive heat of the Apurimac Canyon. Arriving at the viewpoint of Capulliyoc, we take a break, then ascend to San Pedro de Cachora to return to Cusco and at the end we say goodbye to this unique experience.

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