Choquequirao how to get there

12 de May de 2023

Today is the perfect time to live a real adventure, know the tour to Choquequirao and enjoy everything it offers between its Inca architecture and the splendid nature that surrounds it.

Where is Choquequirao located?

The Inca fortress of Choquequirao has an average annual climate of 16° C, with an altitude of 3033 meters above sea level and is located in the district of Santa Teresa, province of La Convención in Cusco, on the border of the Apurimac river.

How to get to Choquequirao

Unlike Machu Picchu, it is a destination that does not have so many tourists and that is favorable to better perceive each of its tourist attractions that enchant the visitor who comes to know the area. The hike to the citadel of Choquequirao has a duration of four days in total, its route is on foot because there is no direct access by road or railroad.

Getting to Choquequirao with Illapa Travel Agency

Illapa has an organized tour to live the perfect visiting experience to Choquequirao, in addition to offering the best tour packages that facilitate the expedition.

Day 1: Cusco - Chacora - Chiquisca

On the first day, the transportation will pick us up from the hotel in Cusco towards Chacora, already in the place there will be a space to make necessary purchases or have breakfast if you have not already done so (not included in the package), here we will be received by the Illapa team (cook and muleteers), who will give us the pertinent indications.

We will begin an extensive hike that will take us 7 to 8 hours, inside the mountain we will be able to visualize the diversity of fauna and flora with the view of the snowy Pedroyoc. Arriving at the viewpoint of Capuliyoc (2885 m) we will have lunch and an impressive view of the Apurimac Canyon. Then we return downhill to Chiquisca, where we will have dinner and camp.  

Day 2: Chiquisca - Marampata - Choquequirao

On the second day, we eat a good breakfast and begin the descent to Rosalinas Beach at 1 500 m, where our travel challenge begins, taking the road uphill for 5 hours, it is necessary to have physical endurance and good acclimatization to the community of Marampata (2 870 m), here we will take a break for lunch and enjoy the panoramic view of the distant archaeological complex of Choquequirao.

After relaxing, we leave our unnecessary belongings inside the Marampampa camp and head to the Choquequirao citadel to visit all its areas, enjoy nature, learn about the Andean culture, take souvenir photographs of this wonderful adventurous experience and understand why it is called the younger sister of Machu Pichu. In the afternoon we return to the camp for dinner and overnight in Marampata.

Day 3: Marampata - Playas Rosalinas - Chiquisca

The next morning we will be able to appreciate the sunrise over the Choquequirao fortress, we will have breakfast to start going down the same route by which we came, passing by Playa Rosalinas where we will have lunch and take a break.

We will resume the hike climbing up to our camp at Chiquisqa, a place where you can observe the canyons and perhaps have the opportunity to see a condor flying nearby, we will stay at this site for dinner and spend the night.

Day 4: Chiquisca - Capuliyoc - Cachora - Cusco

It is better to have an early start to avoid the heat of the canyon and reach the viewpoint of Capuliyoc to say goodbye to all the fabulous views that offered us each place of the tour, then ascend to San Pedro de Cachora to finally return to Cusco, then move to your hotel and thus conclude the services to continue with another tour or tourist destination.

Arrival to Choquequirao on your own

The route is a little more complicated, but not impossible, so here we give you the necessary information for your choice.

To visit Choquequirao on your own, you need to make a journey that lasts 4 to 5 hours, you must take the transport service from Cusco to Abancay and then take another car to the town of Chachora and another to reach Capuliyoq, where the adventure trek begins. Afterwards, you must hike downhill to the first point that is more advisable to reach in order to spend the night in Santa Rosa and not have to battle so much with mosquitoes.

The next day early the departure is directed uphill to the Marampata spa where you have lunch and according to the time you decide to spend the night and the next day you have the time to visit the Choquequirao Archaeological Center, to rest and sleep it is better to reach the Chiquisca camp. For the return it is suggested to leave very early and take the road up to the viewpoint of Capuliyoc, and in the place you return to Cusco with the same route of arrival that was made at the beginning.

Recommendations for travel to Choquequirao

Remember that the trip includes long treks of several days, therefore, it is essential to carry the appropriate equipment and to prevent any emergency.

  • Water
  • Traveling backpack
  • Use of sunscreen
  • Carry repellent
  • Evening coat;
  • Sneakers
  • Solar batteries and flashlight
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