Yanahuara lookout point in Arequipa

17 de May de 2023

The mirador of Yanahuara is one of the most attractive places in the "White City" Arequipa, right there is the colonial church, from the viewpoint you can see the privileged city and the surrounding volcanoes Chachani, Pichu Pichu and Misti.

History of the Yanahuara viewpoint of Arequipa

During the pre-Hispanic period, the most important town of Arequipa was Yanahuara forming the colony, this place was given several names first called Chimba which means the other side of the river because it was composed of the town of Cayma to Tiabaya; then he was named as San Juan Bautista de Chimba stays with that name because its patron saint had that name.

And finally it is named as Yanahuara which means "black underpants" because here lived the Yanahuaras Indians who were the most representative of that time. Since 1605 the Spaniards wanted to rename the area as the New Zegovia.

In the place were found great things like bayeta, jergas, ponchos and more, it was known for being a place of textile production and training, made by one of the famous weavers Francisco Lopez Ballesteros, also serves as inspiration for those textile masters of Arequipa mestizo art.

On November 8, 1870, Yanahuara was declared a Villa next to Tiabaya (one of the oldest and most legal districts of Arequipa). Today it is part of one of the 29 districts of the Ciudda Blanca and is characterized by its narrow streets, its colonial temple, the Convent of San Juan Bautista and the famous Mirador.

  • As we know Arequipa is a seismic zone, therefore several stronger telluric movements happen in the dates of 1942, 1979 and 2001 however the viewpoint of Yanahuara resisted to all of them.
  • If you are going to visit Arequipa, the most visited and photographed site is the viewpoint, but this does not mean that the other attractions are not beautiful, just because it is in a higher area and with so much history it becomes one of the favorite places.

Architecture of the Mirador de Yanahuara

Architecturally, the viewpoint is built with volcanic rock that was in the city, its arches were built in the nineteenth century in order to beautify the place, this construction is made at the foot of the nevados Chachani, Pichu Pichu and Misti..

But that's not all, because each of its arches has inscriptions on its facade with the most popular quotes of Arequipa and also of Arequipa thinkers, if you are around there we must stop to read them.

¿Qué ver y hacer en el mirador de Yanahuara?

The viewpoint of Yanahuara is one of the most beautiful architectures of Arequipa, so I leave you a list of the places you can see:

  • Have a good view of the 3 volcanoes and the city, definitely this viewpoint allows us to see all the wonderful city, whether you go day, night or at any time the architecture of its arches and the view will be spectacular.
  • Walking the streets, it turns out that almost all the houses are built with sillar (white volcanic rock) which is found in the Callejón del Cabildo and a few blocks away is the Casa Encantada (Enchanted House) very famous in this site.
  • Walk through the square of Yanahuara, its square is very quiet and embellished with palm trees. It is located in front of the viewpoint and are ideal for taking pictures and eating the traditional ice cream cheese.
  • Visit the parish of San Juan Bautista de Yanahuara, to know this church that has a baroque style makes it special because most of the inhabitants of Arequipa request it as a place for marriages and baptisms.
  • Acquire the passport of the Republic of Arequipa, next to the church you can find a craft store where they sell various products and what is most striking is the Pasaporte arequipeño..

What do the scribbles on the arches of the Mirador de Yanahuara mean?

The arches of the viewpoint indicate the fragments of verses of poems that correspond to literary arequipeños:

  • First arc: "The alley that no one walks down, the street lamp that never lights up, the tortuous slum where good people live, who tremble and crash when they hear the story of a goblin".
  • Second arch: "Here metal cannons were made from the bells to channel the overflows of republican lavas".
  • Third arch: "City with a seed philosophy, because where a mistake falls, a revolution sprouts immediately".
  • Fourth arc: "I would like to be humble like your people and return tired from work when the light sinks".
  • Fifth arch: "Years Arequipa has fought bravely to conquer institutions for the homeland, one is not born in vain at the foot of a volcano".
  • Sixth arc: "That the people who defend in right carry an invincible wall in each breast".
  • Seventh arch: "I am from Arequipa, and I love you like a mother with faith, your greatness makes my anxieties burn and burn those who try to insult you that I will become a lion. Arequipa is an upright land, I affirm it, I affirm it well".
  • Eighth arch: "Mystic Yanahurara, with orchards of Judea, surrounded by ruinous and rustic towers through which fruit trees peek out, adorning your streets with the peace of a village".
  • Ninth arch: "Arequipa, the land of the free united at the foot of a volcano: you live free and happy when you live preferring to be free to your bread".

Spectacular views from the Mirador of Yanahuara

As we said before, from this viewpoint you can see the entire city of Arequipa, the three volcanoes that surround the city as the majestic Misti, Pichu Pichu and Chachani.

Then you can see the Yanahuara square which is surrounded by palm trees and is perfect for taking pictures.

Contemplating the Misti Volcano from the viewpoint

Undoubtedly, seeing the majestic Misti volcano from the viewpoint is spectacular, although there are other viewpoints that allow you to appreciate, but this one has a lot of history and each portal that is there has a particular phrase of each literary Arequipa.

View of Arequipa City from Yanahuara

It is one of the most impressive places, because from there you can see the tourist attractions of the city such as: the Cathedral of Arequipa, the Monastery of Santa Catalina and the three volcanoes that embellish the city.

Many visitors wait for sunset, when the sun sets behind the volcanoes and the city tends to be illuminated by public lights, one of the best times to capture and enjoy such beauty.

Visiting the Chapel of Yanahuara

This temple still preserves the baroque style and was built in the eighteenth century, still retains its colonial architecture and was built in ashlar, many of the locals request the space of this temple so they can get married or other religious activity.

Buy souvenirs and handicrafts from Yanahuara

A few steps further you can buy several nice things, including ceramics, handicrafts, clothing, some carved in ashlar and what is striking is to have the Passport of the Republic of Arequipa being recognized as a citizen of Arequipa.

Where is the Yanahuara viewpoint located?

The viewpoint is located 2 km from the city of Arequipa, exactly in Miguel Grau, Yanhuara.

Location of the Mirador de Yanahuara

How to get to the Mirador de Yanahuara?

To get to this tourist spot you can do it in two ways: the first is to come on foot, it takes you 20 to 25 minutes, for this you must go to Santa Catalina street which is to the north, then when you get to the Grau Bridge you must turn left and cross the Chili River, from there continue to Francisco Bolognesi street.

Continue walking up the slope of the Angel this will take you directly to the viewpoint of Yanahuara and enjoy the scenery, its streets, the colonial church, its houses and the traditional ice cream cheese.

The second option is to go by cab, which will cost you approximately 5 soles, or you can also hire the services of an agency that will not only take you to this viewpoint, but you will have the option to visit more places in Arequipa.

Bus line that passes through the Mirador de Yanahuara

The Mirador de Yanahuara can be reached on foot from the center of Arequipa. It can also be reached by bus. The bus lines that go to Mirador de Yanahuara are 5202, CR62, IO03, IO14, IO37B and OM24.

How to get to the Yanahuara viewpoint from Arequipa's main square?

Entrance fee to Yanahuara

If you are interested in taking a walk through this beautiful place, then do it with all your family, friends, because there is no cost to enter this place and I guarantee that you will not forget this beautiful experience.

Visiting hours

You can visit the mirador de Yanahuara in Arequipa from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m..

In conclusion, visiting the attractions of Arequipa will give you one of the best experiences, from the Main Square of Arequipa, its traditional market where you can taste its typical dishes, the viewpoint of Yanahuara, its colonial churches and other houses built with pure ashlar that give it a unique look.

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