Colonial Aqueduct of Sapantiana Cusco, Huaca Sagrada

10 de May de 2023

Are you ready to know another charming destination in Cusco? Nothing like a visit to the Sapantiana Colonial Aqueduct, a word of Quechua origin that means "Sapan" alone or unique and "Tiana" seat, which means where the solitary sits.

This destination is located near the Plaza Mayor of the city, where the scenic charm will catch you and you will be able to get the best travel photos.

History of the Sapantiana Aqueduct

The Sapantiana Aqueductis acolonial hydraulic architecture that was built by the Jesuit Order over the P'ujru River during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It contains arches of four levels in a mural of stones and with some steps where the water gives its passage.

At present there is a trace of the surviving water, since in former times the vital liquid flowed through the canal and was destined for the consumption of the population of the city of Cusco.

How to get to the Aqueduct (Huaca de Sapantiana)?

Getting to the Aqueduct of Sapantiana is very easy, since first you have to be in the main square of Cusco or near the historic center, walk for a few minutes to the neighborhood of San Cristobal and you will be at the desired destination.

What to see and do in Sapantiana?

At first sight, you will be struck by the landscape that enhances the Sapantiana Colonial Aqueduct, the flow of the water will give you the fresh cessation and the colonial structure will complete the visual spectacle.

You will appreciate the Huaca de Sapantiana, you will share with your friends or family, it is a very good point to observe the city of Cusco in a panoramic way.

Sapantiana, instagrammable place in Cusco

It is one of the best places where you will spend unique moments, you will play with creativity to take your best tourist memories in photographs that highlight your Instagram posts. It highlights in favor of the nature it has, the path of the water along with the beautiful architecture that presents and together form the best shot.

Hours and Admission Fees

It does not have a fixed schedule, however, it is recommended to visit the Acueducto Colonial de Sapantiana during the morning to take advantage of the sunlight to take the photos and videos you require, likewise, sunset is also another option to consider.

It is a site that you should take advantage of because the entrance is free, since the tickets have not yet been activated. You can know this and more sacred spaces with Illapa, your most reliable travel agency that offers you the best tour packages of personalized experience.

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