Discovering the Pyramids of Cahuachi, Nazca

22 de May de 2023

The Pyramids of Cahuachi in Nazca is one of the most impressive in Peru. Where the adobe and mud buildings stand out.

It is located about 30 km from the city of Nazca, is an archaeological site that transports you to ancient times.

Historical Tour of the Lost City of Cahuachi

It is a secluded citadel of Cahuachi develops in the early intermediate because it was part of the Nazca culture. It is a monumental architecture that was in operation between 200 BC to 450 AD (Bachir Bacha 2007).

The Nazca culture was known as the dominator of the desert. Noted for the breakthrough in agricultural technology, where they built impressive subway aqueducts and surface canals.

According to the studies of archaeologists Bachir Bacha, Orefici and Drusini, Cahuachi served as housing, workshops, free areas and ritual construction.

Cahuachi during the Nazca

According to research, the Nazca people built the citadel of Cahuachiwith the objective of having a ritual center for the gods, among them the main one is the rain. Others mention that it was a strong>fortress of protection so as not to be subjected to other cultures.

Cahuachi is located in a strategic area near the Nazca subway river. Therefore, it was a sacred site that suffered several floods and earthquakes over time.

The disappearance and rediscovery of Cahuachi

Cahuachi disappeared, but it was not from one moment to the next, on the contrary, it was a product of the economic and political fall. .

After many years, this place was rediscovered and today it is a valuable architectural space in Nazca that attracts more than one visitor.

Characteristics of the Pyramids of Cahuachi

The complete constructions of Cahuachi reach 24 km², where the central part composed of five pyramids covers 4 km².

  • Construcción en laberinto
  • Aqueducts.
  • It has offering sectors.
  • Cerámica pictórica
  • Hallazgo de momias
  • Estructura piramidal
Lost City of Cahuachi

Unraveling the secrets of Cahuachi: Archaeological excavations

In this archaeological site were found mummies wrapped in fine fabrics. Where they showed signs of sacrifices and were part of the Nazca civilization itself.

Among these was found a single piece of cloth measuring 7x60 meters, accompanied by a set of 50 women's dresses. In addition, a collection of ceramics with the appearance of animals and hybrid figures of humans mixed with animals was extracted.

What to see and do in Cahuachi?

In its structure we can see:

  • Gran Pirámide

This is the most outstanding sector of Cahuachi with a height of 28 meters and 100 meters wide.

It has seven levels, being the main temple of the site. About 20 heads were found here as offerings placed in different parts of the pyramid.

  • Templo de la EscaleraTemplo de la Escalera

Considered the most important temple of Cahuachi with 25 meters wide and 5 meters high.

It is called the "Temple of the Staircase" because it contains carvings on its façade that give it that shape.

  • Túmulos Funerarios

During the excavations, 40 burial mounds were found, made of earth and adobe bricks.

The burial mounds are spaces that were used as a place to bury a group of family members or relatives. They are spaces that still belong to a certain group of people.

Where are the Cachuachi Pyramids located?

The pyramids of Cahuachi are located on the left bank of the Nazca River, in the province of the same place, in the region of Ica.

Hours and cost of admission to the Cachuachi Pyramids

To visit the Pyramids of Cachuachi, you have to take into account that the entrance is free. In the case of the schedule, it is recommended to leave early to have a better experience and avoid inconveniences. tours that include a visit to the Cachuachi Pyramids.

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