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8 de January de 2024

White Christ or Christ the Redeemer is a sculpture representing Jesus Christ and measures at least about 8 meters in height. It is located on Pukamuqu Hill and is one of the tourist attractions in the city of Cusco. From here, you can see the entire city. Before embarking on a tour in Cusco or entering the archaeological complex of Sacsayhuaman, you must make a stop here. I invite you to keep reading more about this magnificent statue that welcomes the Cusco population and visitors by extending its arms.

The History of the White Christ of Cusco

The White Christ of Cusco is made of granite, covered in marble, and ultimately finished with clay and plaster to give it that color of Jesus Christ. It stands as a symbol of peace and fraternity. The statue was a gift from the Arab-Palestinian colony residing in the city and was executed in 1945 by the Cusco sculptor and filmmaker Francisco E. Olazo Allende, along with other craftsmen from the San Blas neighborhood.

You should know that he not only did these works but also crafted the Santa Clara arch located in San Francisco Square.

The statue was placed at the highest part of the city known as Cerro Puka Moqo, translated to Spanish as "Red Hill." From this point, one can appreciate the Cusco valley from end to end. The most beautiful spectacle occurs at night because from Cusco's Main Square, one can admire the immensity of this sculpture and capture spectacular shots.

Characteristics of the White Christ of Cusco

The sculpture of the White Christ measures 8 meters and exudes a peaceful and blessed expression. Its imposing structure stands out in the landscape, offering a panoramic view of the city of Cusco.

How tall is it?

This colossal monument stands at around 8 meters in height, making it visible to a large part of the city.

What does it represent?

For the people of Cusco, it holds significant symbolism, representing the peace and blessing of Christ towards its residents. Simultaneously, it is connected to the Catholic faith, as it is believed to depict Jesus Christ.

Where is it located?

It is situated in the high part of Cusco, on the Puka moqo hill, just a few steps from the Archaeological Park of Sacsayhuaman.

How much is the entrance to the White Christ?

There is no fee to enter this viewpoint; the access is free. Therefore, it depends on you when you want to visit this wonderful viewpoint.

How to get to the White Christ?

There are 4 ways to get there: by walking and by car (taxi, public transportation, and through a tourism agency).

Walking to the White Christ of Cusco

Walking through Cusco is one of the best alternatives; however, for many, it can be challenging to reach because you'll have to climb several staircases to reach the White Christ. We'll guide you on how to get there on foot.

To start, we'll begin from the Plaza de Armas. From here, head directly towards the Stone of the 12 Angles. You will first pass through Sunturwasi street, then continue straight until you pass the Stone of the 12 Angles. After this street, you'll reach another intersection with several pathways.

There, you'll notice that the street is called Choquechaca on the wall. Turn left and proceed straight until you find a set of stairs. If you see the staircase, you've arrived, but not at the White Christ yet. We need to continue uphill (there should be a small water fountain for reference).

Keep going uphill until you reach the top, where you'll encounter a hill. Head to the right and keep going straight. You'll find signs directing you to the White Christ, indicating that you should follow the path.

About halfway up the street, you'll come across more staircases; keep climbing, as there's still some way to go. The sign you'll find instructs you to stay on the path. Follow a small trail until you find another sign that leads you up more stairs.

The journey continues, but there's one more ascent. Head to the left and follow this path until you reach the main road, which will finally lead you to the White Christ.

Getting to the White Christ of Cusco by car

By taxi: You can take a taxi from any point in the city; typically, drivers will use the route via Av. Circunvalación or Calle Don Bosco to take you to the White Christ. It's not necessary for you to guide them, as the drivers already know the way. The approximate cost is 10 to 12 Peruvian soles.

Public transportation: Another option is to go to the Rosaspata market and wait for buses from two companies that will take you to the White Christ. In this case, you should take either Señor de Huerto or Cristo Blanco. The journey will take approximately 30 minutes, and the fare is 1.50 Peruvian soles.

Tour agency: This is one of the safest options. By hiring the services of a tour agency, you can rest assured because they will take care of organizing the entire trip, and you only need to focus on enjoying every moment. Generally, this tour includes visits to other attractions that you can explore.

Tours para visitar el Cristo Blanco

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