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This wonderful itinerary will combine the impressive places located in the northern part of Peru. Arriving in the capital: Lima, the trip will continue to Trujillo, one of the most emblematic cities of the north, with beautiful places located in the desert and the sea.

The experience continues to the city of Chiclayo and then in a very subtle way, you will enter the northern jungle of Peru, with a visit to Chachapoyas, its highlights, natural attractions, cultural and experiential experiences.

Before returning to the capital, the experience will end with a visit to Tarapoto, characterized by the Amazonian cloud forest and its abundant palm trees.


Chegada a Lima
Lima – Trujillo - Huanchaco
Huanchaco – Trujillo City Tour - Chan Chan
Huanchaco - Huaca de la Luna - Señora fe Cao - Chiclayo
Chiclayo - Tucume - Museu Señor de Sipan
Chiclayo – Mercado de Brujos – Pomac – Cajamarca
Cajamarca - Cuarto del Rescate - Ventanas de Otuzco - Leimabamba
Leimabamba - Kuelap- Chachapoyas - Cocachimba
Ocachimba – Gocta Waterfalls – Tarapoto
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Upon arrival at the airport in Lima, a private driver will meet you and take you to your hotel.

Afternoon at leisure in the dynamic neighborhoods of the Peruvian capital.

Overnight in Lima.

  • Lima (161m // 528 ft.)
  • Private transportation airport - hotel with ESP assistance.
  • Overnight at Hotel in Lima.

After breakfast, the day will begin with a walk through the Miraflores neighborhood visiting the famous Larcomar viewpoint, which offers beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.

We will continue with a visit to the Larco Herrera Museum, with an explanation of the history of Peru before the Inca culture. The museum is filled with a valuable collection of more than 10,000 pieces from Mochica, Chimu and other pre-Inca civilizations. For those interested in the more intimate customs of this ancient culture, the museum's collection of erotic ceramics is a faithful and unique representation of its kind.

Return to the hotel and mid-afternoon, a shuttle will take us to the airport for a flight to the city of Trujillo. Upon arrival, we will be waiting to take you to your hotel located on the beach of Huanchaco to spend the night

  • Lima (161m // 528 ft.) - Trujillo (34m // 111 ft.) - Huanchaco (sea level)
  • Private transportation for tours in Lima // Private transportation hotel - airport in Lima // Private transportation airport - hotel in Trujillo.
  • Private Spanish-speaking guide for the visits in Lima // ESP assistance at Lima airport.
  • Night in Hotel in Huanchaco.
  • Flight Lima - Trujillo

In the morning we will visit the city of Trujillo, highlighting its colonial richness with its baroque style houses, as well as the republican art with its neoclassical mansions.

We will stop for lunch and then stop to watch the spectacle of the Peruvian Paso Horse (a special breed of Peruvian horse) and La Marinera (a traditional dance of northern Peru).

In the afternoon we will head to one of the most amazing sites in Trujillo called "Chan Chan", whose name means "Sun-Sun", it is recognized as the most extensive pre-Columbian citadel in the world made of "adobe" (bricks made of sand or earth), and inside we find Plazas, ceremonial centers, meeting places, water aqueducts and more. Afterwards, we return to Huanchaco for an overnight stay.

  • Chan Chan (12m // 39 ft.)
  • Private transportation for the visits.
  • Shared Spanish-speaking guide for the visits.
  • Tickets for the sites visited.
  • Breakfast and lunch.
  • Overnight at Hotel in Huanchaco

We departed from our hotel in Huanchaco, bound for one of the most marvelous restoration sites undertaken by the Backus Company: the Huaca de la Luna. It is here where we can witness the history of the Moche culture; the five main periods are depicted in the construction, each signed by its builders with millions of adobe and sand bricks. Next, we visited the Huaca del Sol, which is currently undergoing restoration.

After the experience, we will leave Trujillo and head towards the city of Chiclayo, stopping along the way to visit the Huaca de La Señora de Cao and a charming village called Magdalena de Cao. Along the route, we will enjoy splendid landscapes, such as the sugar fields and the Pacific Ocean. We will tour and explore this fascinating site, view its museum, and discuss other nearby locations such as Huaca Rajada.

Following the visit, we will continue our journey to the city of Chiclayo via the North Pan-American Highway, stopping to stretch our legs in Paramonga, a beautiful coastal village with an impressive archaeological site where one of the Peruvian gods, Wiracocha, was found.

Finally, we will arrive in Chiclayo and stay overnight in the city.

  • Chiclayo (27m // 88 ft)
  • Private transportation for visits in Trujillo // Private transportation Trujillo - Chiclayo.
  • Private Spanish-speaking guide for the visit to Huaca de la Luna and Huaca del Sol in Trujillo.
  • Admission tickets to the visited sites.
  • Breakfast
  • Overnight at a hotel in Chiclayo.

After breakfast, we will depart for Lambayeque and continue to the great site of Tucume. We will walk and explore the local restoration and museum. Thor Heyerdahl, a Norwegian adventurer and ethnographer, conducted excavations between 1988 and 1992. There is an optional hike up Golgota Mountain for a great view of the site.

After the visit, we will head to the extraordinary modern museum of El Señor de Sipan, which houses true jewels of art in gold, silver and copper discovered in several Mochica tombs. All the remains and treasures were found in the archaeological zone of Huaca Rajada. The tomb of the Lord of Sipan is one of the most important in the world, compared to Tutankhamen in Egypt.

Return to the hotel in Chiclayo for overnight.

  • Tucume (43m // 141 ft.)
  • Private transportation for the visits.
  • Private Spanish-speaking guide for the visits.
  • Entrance fees to the visited sites
  • Breakfast
  • Night in Hotel in Chiclayo

In the morning, after breakfast, we will visit the shamans' market, an intriguing place to explore some of the traditions and customs of the northern people. We will then leave the city for the Pomac Forest, a protected area where we can observe the local flora and fauna. We will walk to the ancient tree and afterwards, proceed to view the large pyramids of El Rey, which are currently under restoration. We will return to Chiclayo for lunch at a traditional restaurant and in the afternoon, depart by bus to Cajamarca. We will take the Pan-American Highway back to Paramonga, and then take the detour towards Cajamarca, enjoying breathtaking views along the way from the coastal area to the temperate mountain zone. Arrival in Cajamarca and overnight stay in the village. Extra activities in Cajamarca (not included in the package)

  • Thermal baths at “Baños del Inka” (bring your swimsuit and towel)
  • Pomac Forest (80m // 262 ft) - Cajamarca (2750m // 9022 ft)
  • Private transportation for the visit to Pomac Forest // Private transportation from hotel to bus station in Chiclayo // Scheduled bus from Chiclayo to Cajamarca // Private transportation from bus station to hotel in Cajamarca.
  • Private Spanish-speaking guide for the visit to Pomac Forest. // Assistance at the bus station in Chiclayo.
  • Admission tickets to visited sites.
  • Breakfast
  • Overnight stay at a hotel in Cajamarca.

A wonderful morning touring the highlights of the city of Cajamarca.

First, we will visit the famous Ransom Room, which holds a significant place in our history when Francisco Pizarro (the Spanish conquistador) arrived and captured Inca Atahualpa (one of the two heir brothers to the throne). The legendary tale recounts that Atahualpa, finding himself a prisoner of the Spaniards, promised to fill one room with gold and two with silver up to where his hand could reach (raised) in exchange for his release.

We will continue to the countryside or outskirts of the city, a wonderful rural site, where we will explore the Ventanillas de Otuzco, an ancient cemetery, well-preserved. We will return to the city and eat at a traditional restaurant.

In the afternoon, we will head to Leymebamba via a paved road and enter a new ecological area, from the mountains to the cloud forest. Upon arrival, we will visit the great museum of mummies (270 of them) and hear the fascinating stories of the Chachapoyas culture.

Overnight at a hotel in Leymebamba.

  • Leymebamba (2220m // 7283 ft)
  • Private transportation for tours in Cajamarca. // Private transportation from hotel to bus station in Cajamarca // Scheduled bus Cajamarca – Leymebamba // Private transportation from bus station to hotel in Leymebamba.
  • Private Spanish-speaking guide for tours in Cajamarca.
  • Admission tickets for the visited sites.
  • Breakfast and lunch.
  • Overnight stay at a hotel in Leymebamba.

We left by car from Leymebamba to another incredible place in Peru: Kuelap. An imposing stone building built by the Chachapoyas people and protected by a wall of up to 20 meters, which, until recently, was only accessible on foot (2h30). Today it can be reached in 20 minutes thanks to the modern cable cars that leave from Nuevo Tingo.

After the exploration, we take our transportation to continue our trip to Chachapoyas, brief tour of the city and lunch.

We will continue to Cocachimba, where another highlight awaits us: The Gocta Waterfalls. The waterfall is 771 meters high (about 2530 feet), a number that places it at number 15 on the world list of the highest waterfalls in the world. Overnight at a wonderful lodge overlooking the waterfall. Dinner included.

  • Kuelap (3000m // 9842 ft.)
  • Private transportation for the visits.
  • Spanish-speaking guide for the visits.
  • Entrance fees to the visited sites.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Night in Cocachimba Hotel

Early in the morning, after breakfast, we start our hike to Gocta Falls (about 5 hours round trip). It will be an incredible hike; the trail goes up and down but it is easy walking. We return to the hotel for lunch and in the afternoon, we will travel to Tarapoto by bus, known as the "City of Palms", a jungle region with rainy / cloudy weather.

Arrival in Tarapoto, dinner in a traditional restaurant and overnight in Hotel.

Extra activities to do on site:

EXTENSION: Visit of the "Abiseo River National Park" 3 days/2 nights

  • Tarapoto (356m // 1168 ft)
  • Private transportation hotel - bus station in Chachapoyas // Bus line Chachapoyas - Tarapoto // Private transportation bus station - hotel in Tarapoto.
  • Private Spanish-speaking guide for the visit to Gocta Falls.
  • Entrance fees to the visited sites.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Overnight at Hotel in Tarapoto.

Transfer to the Tarapoto airport to take a domestic flight to Lima, to later connect with your international flight.

  • Private transportation hotel - airport in Tarapoto
  • Breakfast
  • Flight Tarapoto - Lima
  • Flight Tarapoto - Lima


  • Accommodation in 3*** hotels for the days mentioned as included in the itinerary.
  • Meals and activities mentioned as included in the itinerary.
  • Transportation according to itinerary (private or shared transportation, trains, boats, public buses with VIP seating or tourist bus)
  • Domestic flights according to itinerary
  • Guides in Spanish according to itinerary (private or shared)
  • Assistance according to itinerary
  • Entrance to the sites mentioned in the itinerary (archaeological sites, museums, national parks, churches, etc.)


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  • Drinks.
  • Travel insurance
  • International flights.
  • Prices for guides, drivers, transporters or others.
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