Red River in Cusco

23 de February de 2024

The Red River in Cusco is a mysterious and fascinating tributary that captivates those who venture to discover it. It is characterized by its reddish color, offering a unique experience amidst stunning landscapes such as the Palcoyo Mountain. The Red River is a must-visit destination for nature and adventure enthusiasts in the heart of Peru.

Key features of the Red River in Cusco

The Red River is distinguished by its unique reddish hue, which contrasts with the greenery of the surrounding landscapes. In addition to its distinctive color, this meandering river offers astonishing biodiversity, hosting a variety of aquatic species and birds that inhabit its banks. Its clear and fresh waters invite exploration of its shores and immersion in its natural beauty.

Location and altitude

The Red River is located near the Rainbow Mountain or Palcoyo Mountain, approximately 100 km from Cusco, precisely in the village of Pitumarca (prov. Canchis). The village is situated at an altitude of 3,570 meters above sea level.

Climate and best time to visit

The climate in the Red River region varies according to the season, but to be able to see the red river, you should visit between the months of November and March, as the rainy season begins, allowing us to see its course, and you can fully enjoy the surrounding landscapes. After these months, the river's course becomes transparent in color.

Why is it red? Unveiling the mystery

The enigma of the reddish color of the Red River attracts the attention of many travelers because the tone the water adopts is unusual. This is due to dissolved minerals in the water, such as iron or sulfur, which add a touch of intrigue to its natural beauty.

Causes of the reddish color of its waters

The reddish color of the Red River is caused by a combination of minerals such as iron and sulfur. This phenomenon occurs when it rains and causes the erosion of the land, leading to the combination. Additionally, rock erosion and sedimentation contribute to the river's coloration.

How to get to the Red River in Cusco

For those wishing to explore the wonders of the Red River, there are several access options from the capital of Cusco:

From Cusco city by public or private transport

Travelers can take a bus with the Cusco - Sicuani route, these buses can be found on Huayruropata Avenue (Cusco), the journey takes 2 hours. Then we must continue by shared taxi to the district of Pitumarca and from there look for another taxi that can take us to the community of Japura, from here we can already see the red river.

In organized tours - description, duration, includes

Another option, and perhaps the safest one, is to hire the services of the Illapa Culturas Andinas agency. The tour lasts 1 day and includes full transportation, breakfast, and lunch, as well as being accompanied by a guide specialized in this route.

Regardless of the selected option, a visit to the Red River promises an unforgettable experience amidst the nature and ancestral history of Cusco. Visit the Red River with us, do not hesitate to contact us on our WhatsApp +51 944 714 563 or email [email protected].

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