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Em uma iniciativa voltada para a conservação e sustentabilidade, o Ministério da Cultura estabeleceu novas rotas de visitantes na cidadela histórica de Machu Picchu, disponíveis a partir de 1º de junho. Essas rotas são projetadas para enriquecer a experiência do visitante e proteger o legado do local.

Você poderá ver as deslumbrantes vistas da Montanha Machu Picchu, que oferecem panoramas incomparáveis, e a intrigante Ponte Inca. Cada rota promete uma aventura única, permitindo que os turistas descubram os segredos do local de forma abrangente. Agora, fornecemos mais detalhes sobre cada um dos circuitos.

Novos Circuitos em Machu Picchu, Explicação

New Circuits in Machu Picchu, Explanation

This circuit is ideal for those seeking breathtaking panoramic views and capturing the essence of the site from various elevated points. Here are the new guidelines for the circuit:

Machu Picchu Mountain Route

To access this route, you need to head to the checkpoint and climb to the terrace area, located in the upper part of the Guardian's House. This point offers panoramic views perfect for the typical postcard photo of Machu Picchu. After taking the classic photo, you can climb Machu Picchu Mountain, which takes approximately three hours round trip. This route requires returning the same way, with no access to the urban area.

Upper Terrace Route

This route involves climbing up to the upper terraces of the citadel, from where you can get a general view of Machu Picchu and capture the classic photo. Additionally, it allows you to enjoy the landscape before returning the same way.


Intipunku Gate Route (available only during high season)

This path leads to the summit or the terrace area, offering the opportunity to capture the traditional image of Machu Picchu. It includes a hike to the iconic Sun Gate, a prime spot to watch the sunrise over the citadel. The hike takes approximately two hours round trip.

Inca Bridge Route (available only during high season)

Starting from the upper area or the terraces, this route allows you to take photos at the famous Machu Picchu viewpoint and then explore the ancient Inca Bridge, highlighting Incan engineering techniques. The total duration is approximately one and a half hours round trip.

This Circuit 1 does not offer access to the urban area or lower part of the citadel; however, it allows you to capture the traditional panoramic photograph of Machu Picchu.

Circuit 2 or Inca City Circuit

This circuit will allow us to tour the lower or urban area of the Machu Picchu citadel. In this case, we will still get the classic photo of Machu Picchu but from a different angle. This circuit offers more site options to visit.


Designed Route

To enter this route, we need to pass through the checkpoint and climb to the Guardian's House, a point that offers the classic photo of Machu Picchu. Here, you can only take the photo before heading down to: the Main Gate, the Temple of the Sun, the Sacred Rock, and then descend to the Temple of the Condor and exit through the lower part.

*If you want to explore more sites of the Machu Picchu citadel, this is the circuit you should choose, and I recommend purchasing it weeks in advance.

Lower Terrace Route

Similar to the previous route, this path starts at the checkpoint and explores the lower part, including the warehouses and terraces, with access to the Inca House, the water fountains, the water mirrors, and ends at the Pisonae Plaza.

Circuit 3 or Royalty Circuit

Circuit 3 invites you to experience a unique adventure, offering four distinct paths to explore, from Huayna Picchu to the thrilling Great Cavern and Huchuypicchu. This itinerary takes you through the urban area of Machu Picchu, allowing you to discover historical sites without including the classic panoramic photo.

Huayna Picchu Mountain Route

This route starts in the lower part of the citadel. It does not offer the opportunity to ascend to the upper part, where the iconic image is captured, but instead takes you through the urban area. During the journey, we will visit significant places such as the Inca House, the main plaza, and head towards the Sacred Rock. Here, you will find another checkpoint that will lead you to the impressive Huayna Picchu.

Designed Route

This route also begins in the lower part and takes us to discover several points of interest: the water fountain, the Inca House, the Temple of the Condor, and the water mirrors. We finish the tour by returning along the same path we entered.

Great Cavern Route (available only during high season)

We enter through the lower part, and although this circuit does not allow you to get the classic photo of Machu Picchu, it will take you to explore the Inca House, pass through the main plaza, and reach the Sacred Rock. From this point, we head towards the Great Cavern, a new route that is round trip and takes approximately 3 hours.

Huchuypicchu Route (available only during high season)

This route allows access from the lower part and does not include the opportunity to take the classic photo. During the journey, we will visit points of interest such as the Inca House and the main plaza, advancing towards the Sacred Rock. Afterwards, we will explore Huchuypicchu and conclude the tour by exiting through the same place we entered.


Entry Time to Machu Picchu Tolerance Time in Regular Months Tolerance Time in High Demand Months (June 1st to October 15th and December 30th-31st)
06:00 am Until 06:30 am Until 06:45 am
07:00 am Until 07:30 am Until 07:45 am
08:00 am Until 08:30 am Until 08:45 am
09:00 am Until 09:30 am Until 09:45 am
10:00 am Until 10:30 am Until 10:45 am
11:00 am Until 11:30 am Until 11:45 am
12:00 pm Until 12:30 pm Until 12:45 pm
01:00 pm Until 01:30 pm Until 01:45 pm
02:00 pm Until 02:30 pm Until 02:45 pm
03:00 pm Until 03:30 pm Until 03:45 pm

Frequently Asked Questions about Machu Picchu Circuits

To choose the best circuit for visiting Machu Picchu in 2024, there are several excellent options, each tailored to different interests and physical abilities:

Which is the best circuit in Machu Picchu?

According to the latest update on the circuits, "Circuit 2 - Classic Route" is considered the best for most visitors. It is the most comprehensive and offers an extensive exploration of the citadel, including many of the main structures and the best panoramic views.

Which circuit to choose in Machu Picchu 2024?

The choice of circuit will depend on what you want to see:

  • For iconic views and complete exploration: Circuit 2 - Classic Route.
  • For a shorter experience with panoramic views: Circuit 1 - Panoramic Route.
  • For adventurers seeking a challenging experience: Circuit 3 - Huayna Picchu Route and other new sites.

Best circuits to visit Machu Picchu

  • Circuit 2 - Classic Route: Recommended for its accessibility and comprehensive coverage of the citadel.
  • Circuit 1 - Panoramic Route: Ideal for those with less time or who prefer less walking.
  • Circuit 3 - Huayna Picchu Route: A new route created for those seeking a challenging adventure and spectacular views from greater heights or new visits.
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